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The  unique thing about NFF is its ability to create lasting improvements.  NFF enables the organization to create quality cost reductions at at least 2-3% year after year, create an increase in productivity of minimum 3-5% year after year and to move towards world class in business excellence.


NFF deal with very short and strict deadlines, creating fast results and showcasing the managements desire to change.


NFF delivers a great deal of energy into the organization to break old habits and part with traditions.


The best organizations strive for business Excellence – and not only for “manufacturing excellence”. Excellence can be defined as follows: “to achieve and sustain superior levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of their stakeholders”.  The best organizations build and improve their own business systems – not just production systems, but systems that embrace all projects of improvement.  These companies build their own model for Continuous Business Improvement across the entire business system.  They do not talk about just LEAN, SIX Sigma, Kaizen or other ready-to-use theories. They pick the necessary tools and apply them within the framework of their own Business Excellence model.


We have worked in this kind of organization as managers and executives and know how to create organizational development.






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