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NFF are experts in optimizing business processes as a tool in lowering quality cost and optimizing productivity.


Yesterday the names were Business Process Engineering and Kaizen.  Today the commonly known concepts are called Lean, 6-Sigma (Six-Sigma) and Kaizen.  The names of tomorrow we do not know yet, but to us it is not important what we call it, but rather that it works and gives you sustainable results.


We are based in the EFQM Business Excellence model – the worlds toughest business model.  This is the model that an increasing number of businesses worldwide use as a tool in increasing their competitiveness.


NFF are specialists in the following areas:


The unmanageable change

Presentations and training in management of complex change and projects.

Support or management of the process from "chaos and frustration" to "a clear common goal and plan"

Participation in steering committees and individual coaching of project managers

Interim management of change and projects.


EFQM Excellence model

Training in the EFQM model tailor made to the individual corporation.

Training in the "Secret mental techniques".

Writing the Status Document - fact finding and presentation.

Assessment process - through workshops, interview or reporting.

Specification and prioritizing of projects.


Masterplan for EFQM Excellence process


Continuous Business Improvement (CBI)

Training in modern operational improvement and CBI.

Evaluation of the company's ability to create improvements in all parts of the value chain.

Plan for implementing CBI.

Identification of projects as an integrated part of the strategy work.

Support to the implementation of CBI, leading to yearly gains of 3-5% of the cost base.


Project training and project management

Tailor made training sessions in project management.

Evaluation of the company's total project efficiency and plans to improve this.

Development and implementation of project management systems: Handbook, simple database, resource data base etc.

Development and improvement of yearly cycle for project work on all levels.

Direct involvement and support to running projects.

Project port folio management: development and implementation of methods, techniques and behaviour.


Quality assurance

Evaluation of the company's entire quality assurance system. The evaluation has 3 main areas: attitude, systems and products/processes.

Formulation and implementation of improvements projects,idea catalogue.

Development of the quality function, taking the company from being focused on "ISO system surveillance to being focused on "business and improvement and ISO system surveillance".


Failure registration analysis system (Learning Information Systems / LIS)

Evaluation of the entire or selected parts of the company's quality information system.

Creation of reporting systems for quality key figures.

Development and implementation of failure registration analysis system for selected processes, parts of the business system or critical activities.

Development of culture, routines and working methods that based on the data and insights generated by the quality information system, create a continuous flow of realised improvement projects. Yearly documented cost reduction of 1-2% of the cost base


Cultural change as carrier of improvements

Practical, realistic training in creation and development of the learning organisation, improvement culture and improvement systems.

Mapping and evaluation of the company's improvement culture and - systems.

Creation of a framework for development of improvement culture and - systems the coming quarter, year and coming 3 years: culture, system, communication tailor made to the individual company and based on recognized models and methods.

Program that enables each employee to accomplish minimum 3 improvements within the strategic focal area within 3 months.

Support to implementation and continued follow ups and reviews on the journey.







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