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Fast and effective project leadership

From chaos and frustration to clear and common goals, progress and up running.






New Future Formula has just finished an assignment for a middle sized company with a large public profile. The assignment was to sort out a strategic critical project including the implementation and start of "state of the art" technology. It was necessary to get an overview and insight in a very short time during large external media attention and significant internal pressure.


The goal has been to secure forward movement throughout the company and suppliers, in consideration of opposite internal interests. A clear and strong structure for the future has been created along with processes within the company that results in the employees taking over the responsible for running the new technology in safe and structured processes.


Management believes that the organization through the project has built competences that will make it possible to introduce new technology easier in the future.








Cost reduction in focus

From medium performer to world class performer.







New Future Formula has over the past 18 months completed a quality cost reduction program for an international company with head office in Eastern Denmark.


The result has been development and implementation of a plan to continue cost reduction across the company, spanning all of Northern Europe. This will generate cost reductions of min. 2% of the cost base per year, which is the level of world class companies. In phase one the program has generated a larger amount of cost reductions. Next phase for first half of 2011 is well under way to do the same. The goal is for the total cost reduction to reach more than 200 million in the first 36 months, and the actual ambition is to lift the company up into the European elite within the next 5 years. Management and key employees have been trained in mental aspects along with the methods for EFQM Business Excellence.


Simultaneously a plan has been created to reach the ambitious goal. Coordinated work is done in several areas: short and long term, an attitude and system perspective, to sow and harvest.








Efficiency increase of key functions,
leading to improved customer management
and stronger position





New Future Formula has in cooperation with a middle sized customer examined key functions within a critical business process, in order to find potential for productivity increase. Together with employees, potentials were found and projects defined.


The result is that in the next 8 months 11.000 hours will be saved, and those hours can to be transferred into customer management with the purpose of strengthening market position.


New Future Formula will systematically keep an eye on the projects by participating in steering committees, mentoring of employees and leaders. At the same time employees are trained in techniques, methods and thinking in order to create lasting efficiency improvements in the years to come.








Business Excellence
- a tool for strategy execution

New Future Formula worked discretly for the top management of a global European
Industrial Group with more than 10.000 employees over a period of 4 months.





The Top Management had developed a strategy, which would create the most profound changes within the group ever.

The solved tasks were:


  • Training sessions for top management in Business Excellence, applied as a strategic tool for communication, execution and creation of a common understanding and frame work.


  • Assessment of the group's actual practice and performance according to the EFQM-Excellence model, with special focus on the capability of strategy execution.


  • Assessment of the new strategy with special attention to execution. Derivation of a catalogue of ideas, recommandations and proposal for implementation models.


  • Set-up of an internal Business Excellence approach for executing their strategy.





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Business Management System
- from words to action

NFF has worked for more than 12 months with a worldwide recognized company
with more than 5000 employees.





The challenge was very time sensitive and consisted on integrating the Quality and Business Management System while also ensuring different system certifications at several sites in several countries simultaneously, along with managing a yearly growth of 20%.



  • Re- and new-certification in accordance with four perspectives – including ISO9000: - at eight sites in just three months.

  • Develop a company-wide shared Business Management System for all certifications and ensure the roll-out.


Company-specific training for Top-100 in both Quality and the new Business Management System.  Design of “train-the-trainer” concepts based on “learning by playing” for the purpose of reaching and motivating every employee and simultaneously change the companys business culture forever.







Learning information Systems - from hidden
quality potentials to steady improvements

NFF worked with an international manufacturing company with more than
3000 employees across 200 sites in Northern Europe over a period of six months,
reporting to the CEO and working together with the local management teams.




Due to market demands the task for NFF was to improve product quality and the accompanying business processes. We also needed to provide a change in the quality attitude in all parts of the organization and utilize the quality system.  The owner required development with a long term perspective not a short term fix.


The successful result was:


  • Instruction in the 3 highest organizational quality levels: Cost, cost reduction and Learning information systems.

  • Assessment of the quality cost and Learning information system against a 1000 point benchmark model, conducted at each site with local management participation.


With each area assessment 4-15 projects were defined and 10% as determined to be the cost base of quality cost.  Reductions of at least 2% to the cost base was identified and every site realized those improvements in 100 days.


At the same time a master plan for duplicate half year repeated cycles were designed, decided on and implemented.







Continuous Business Improvement

– year after year

Have been implemented by NFF for an international Engineering company with
more than 5000 people distributed at more than 70 sites – primarily in Europe. 
The productivity gains were accomplished through work with the Executive
management team over a period of 15 months.  

The company has for decades held the number one position in a highly complex business to business industry through its technological leadership and its ability to customize solutions.  The company lacked tradition and competence in business process mangagement.



  • To develop a strategy for CBI at the corporate level

  • To develop tools, competences and an organizational model for realizing the strategy at all sites.

  • To integrate CBI initiatives in the existing annual business cycle - e.g. require yearly total productivity gains at 5 % as part of the budget procedure.




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